Cork Surface in the interior of your home – an attribute of sustainable fashion

For many years, cork has taken its rightful place in the modern interior. Designers admire many properties of cork and use it in many of their projects. Cork surface are ideal to highlight an environment-oriented style and can be the key element in planning an interior solution for your home. The cork fits harmoniously into the interior and each design project has made great reviews.

Cork Surface

Advantages and properties of cork surfaces:

  • natural, pleasant to the touch.
  • warm and soft texture.
  • functional.
  • soundproofing.
  • high-quality insulation for walls and floors.
  • anti-static.
  • water resistant.
  • easy to install.

As a decorative finish, cork can spark and refine your interior. It is an attractive solution to for wall and floor surfaces within interior design. The elastic properties of cork, has the ability to restore its original

shape which can be useful and practical for your room, especially if your like to change things up by moving the furniture.

No eco-friendly material can surprise you with such a variety of colors, shapes and textures as cork. Therefore, cork is no longer a monotonous surface as in the past but a new way to express creativity and Italian style. Today, any ideas about your interior can be realized with the help of cork.

A variety of colors and shades will help you find exactly what you want. Any room in your apartment can be supplemented with warmth and comfort using this material.

In the realm of interior design, cork can help solve all kind of problems. For instance: The noise of your neighbors will cause you no discomfort, if you use this material as decoration. Interior designers consider all factors such as functional properties, price, ratio of beauty and comfort. Their choice to use cork proves that it is a unique material, that cannot be replaced with anything else.

It is also a material delivered to us by nature. That is why we are sure that you will enjoy it.

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