Cork parquet for the environment of your space

There are different types of parquet, which are created from different types of wood, including exotic or expensive types like mahogany. There are often considered to be a luxury, however, these days, cork allows everyone to achieve an elite look without having to overspend. But there are also more reasonable solutions.


Why cork parquet is more expensive

It is made from the bark of the Sicilian cork oak, and not from the wood itself, so there is no need to cut down large volumes of trees, whose age is counted in centuries. It is taken into account that this type of cork oak is recovering, and the shedding occurs in accordance with the normal natural cycle. High-quality cork parquet can be of different types: interlocking, technical, glued. Most often, there is adhesive parquet, it consists of several pressed layers. The bottom layer is a cork crust and veneer is also involved. Such processing, environmental friendliness makes the material resistant to moisture.

Plus, no complex manipulations are required to handle even large spaces. Cork parquet will be a reasonable solution where it is necessary to focus on aesthetic appeal, practicality, and naturalness. The material demonstrates elasticity, it is moderately elastic, completely safe for children and adults.

Excellent cork parquet flooring for residential and non-residential buildings.

Since there is abrasion resistance, this material is suitable for finishing many types of rooms. It also has a good level of sound insulation. High-quality cork parquet evens out loud sounds of walking, objects falling on the floor. It also resists mechanical stress and vibrations. Yes, this is not the cheapest option, but it offers many benefits. Including those owners who appreciate a good indoor climate will appreciate it.

Natural wood with neat, professional processing is a dignity of design, a highlight of the interior. Parquet will also take root in salons, boutiques, and not only in apartments and studios. As you can see, it is versatile. And also, designers offer a variety of colors, different thicknesses, shapes. There are options designed specifically for large spaces.

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