Cork panels, their advantages and attractiveness

Cork panels are common. If you look at photos of various interiors in thematic magazines or turn to forums dedicated to construction and decoration, you can see that such framing of a room is quite common. And all because it is an environmentally friendly material. And the production itself does not involve cutting down trees.


Why choose cork panels?

The bark of the cork oak, which grows in Spain and Portugal. Is processed in accordance with technological standards. The result is absolutely smooth, symmetrical cork panels that are perfectly perceived by the skin. You can touch them with your hands, walk barefoot, feeling a perfectly even and smooth texture. And yet, the cork itself is very light, almost weightless. This is also achieved through special technologies in production. It has excellent noise absorbing abilities.

That is why cork panels are recommended in any residential and non-residential spaces. Where it is important to minimize the noise level, create an atmosphere of privacy, peace, and solitude. If a heavy object falls to the floor, the impact sound will be absorbed. The panels are used both for floor processing and for installation on walls.

Quality cork panels

Numerous technical and operational characteristics can only be fully relied upon when purchasing original products. Quality certificates must be available, which indicate information about the manufacturer, company. The parameters, cost, thickness, dimensions are also indicated. You can purchase a variety of cork panels, including those for processing large residential and non-residential facilities. It is a hygienic solution with antistatic properties. The surface does not attract dust, it does not lose its aesthetic appearance even with frequent disinfection using special formulations. The panels are hypoallergenic, therefore it is allowed to install them in medical and rehabilitation institutions: sanatoriums, medical centers, clinics, boarding houses. Such versatility cannot but attract connoisseurs of environmental friendliness and aesthetics, which proves the spread of cork in the world.

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