Cork – Material of the future

Cork is a unique material used by many cultures since the ancient times. It has many applications in a variety of industries. One of its uses is cork flooring. It is a 100% natural material, characterized by its strength, lightness, and elasticity. More recently it is being used more widely in home and living space renovations.

There are many advantages to cork flooring:
– Fully natural, it is made from the bark of the cork oak.
– Hypoallergenic. This is especially important for people with allergic reactions.
– It is a warm and soft surface. The structure of the floor is extremely pleasant to the touch, you can walk barefoot, which is especially valuable for children.
– Excellent natural sound insulation. Absorbs sound and reduces noise.
– The antistatic properties of the surface prevent the accumulation of dust.
– Fire resistance. The material will not ignite when exposed to an open flame.
– Resistant to deformation. Heavy furniture does not leave marks.
– Easy maintenance. Can be washed with water and vacuumed.
– Individual and unique appearance. The floor has a unique structure, each one with its own variation. Each piece is unique.

Types of the cork floor

Depending on the installation, there are two main types of the flooring: Click-lock and adhesive.

Click-lock or floating cork floor
In the form of slabs or boards, which are connected during assembly with special clamps (locks) located on the edges of each piece. Includes three layers:
– Valuable cork veneer (top layer)
– The basis of the floor – the HDF board.
– Compressed crumb of oak bark (substrate).
Advantages: easy installation, according to the principle of laying the laminate.
Disadvantages: Doesn’t work well with moisture. Better to avoid use in the bathroom or kitchen.

Cork floor glued to the base (Adhesive floors)

The surface consists of pressed cork chips and decorative cork veneer. Average sheet thickness is between 4-6 mm. Produced in rolls or slabs. The elements are fixed to the base using a special contact adhesive. Such a floor does not deform, does not swell, does not rot and is ideal for rooms with high humidity.
Also, adhesive floors are produced in the form of slabs with a sticky bottom side. They are easy to install but the installation surface has to be completely flat.
No other interior surface material has characteristics comparable to cork. It is always unique, original, warm, safe and natural – these are the key qualities that position cork to become the best surface material of the future.

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