Cork floor is the best wall and floor surface

What is important to know when it comes to the cork floor and wall surface of your home? Of course, it is essential to know what do you want and expect from it? It should completely satisfy the owner, 100% on all parameters.

cork floor

No doubt, it should also be resilient. Otherwise, how can you walk and live on it without thinking of potentially damaging it. It should also please you in terms of visual appearance. Fit with your design and be beautiful. And of course, it should be suitable when it comes to price. Everyone has their own price limit. That one is willing to pay for a new cork floor. Does it have to be warm? It will never hurt, unless maybe you are living somewhere tropical… Do you take good care of your health? If so, then it is important for you to know what you are breathing, while being home. Thus, you are not indifferent of what your floors and walls are made from, what chemicals they emit into the atmosphere as well as within your room.

Cork floor

Furthermore, you are thinking of how practical is your future cork floor. How easy will it be to clean and wipe it? Contemplating all these factors you stumble upon a thought. That it wouldn’t be bad for the cork floor to be anti-slippery, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and shower. After that, you consider that the best floor would be resistant to moisture and water droplets that might accidently spill onto its surface.

Here, you pause in your thoughts, saying. There is no such material that could fill all of the above requirements. Cheremic tiles and stones are resilient. Practical and long-lasting but they will also be cold, slippery and extremely dangerous if wet.

Vinyl flooring, laminate, linoleum – You will tell yourself: No. These products are too synthetic, there is nothing natural, no soul to them. They emit a number of harmful gasses into your room: from phenol to formaldehyde. You will remember about carpets but immediately remind yourself about a composition of synthetic fibers, also emitting harmful gases, and even with a terrible accumulation of static electricity and dust formation which is a massive contributor to allergies, even among children.

Perhaps, you are beginning to lose hope and are about to decide that the only fitting solution (apart from, some requirements such as moisture resistance, and overall strength) is parquet.

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