Cork for the floor: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Continuing)

Cork for the floor is the best floor for you home. It turned out that the base of the MDG and HDF board structure are not moisture resistant. Even a slightest amount of moisture that may slip through the cracks during wet cleaning let to the board swelling, changing its shape and being damaged. After that, the floor quickly lost its attractive appearance and failed to function correctly.


Later, the ingredients used to make liquid binders used in the production of HDF and MDF boards.

It became known that the binders contain phenol and formaldehyde – chemicals, harmful for humans. The possibility of those chemicals getting into the air of the room could not be fully ruled out during the exploitation of the floor surface. In several countries, where the environmental regulations for indoor finishing materials are at a very high standard (for example in Japan), it is prohibited to use HDF and MDF in the production of residential flooring.

Consumers who take care of their health. Returned to the side of the natural, classic Cork for the floor, consisting only out of natural components: The bark of the cork oak and Subertin – a natural binder, found inside the bark of the oak. Subertin is a natural component, which when heated. Binds Cork for the floor granules and contributes to the durability of the cork boards.

Cork dimensions

Currently, Fomentarino is successfully working on the creation of new shapes. And designs for the classic glue – down Cork for the floor. We offer an assortment of many types and sizes:

  • 100mm x 100mm;
  • 150mm x 150mm;
  • 200mm x 200mm;
  • 930mm x 123mm;
  • 625mm x 310mm;
  • 930mm x 600mm;
  • 600mm x 600mm;

With a width of 4mm and 6mm

We also have a self-adhesive collection. Easy to install, it is a “do it yourself” product. There is also a classic method with the contact adhesive installment. With this method, there is a need to contact a professional Cork for the floor stacker.

Fomentarino is confident that the peak popularity of cork is still up ahead. This is a truly unique, very easy to use, natural product that constitutes true values in our daily life. And true values are known to remain and grow over time!

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