Cork for the Bedroom

Cork for the Bedroom the best solution. Every person’s bedroom is a special place. This room is often the most personal. The coziest and most intimate place for a lot of us.

Cork for the Bedroom

The floor in our bedroom send us into sleep every night. And it welcomes us back every morning. And we wouldn’t want to pull our feet away from it when getting out of bed with an unpleasant reaction of how cold it is in the morning.

The best solution for a bedroom floor is glue-down tiles made of cork. It has a massive amount of advantages:

  • The floor is always warm, even in the wintertime, even with a turned off heater. This is because cork has the lowest heat conductivity coefficient.
  • The air in the bedroom will always be clean and healthy. Cork does not build up static energy and because of that. Cork is not collecting dust. Additionally, cork does not emit any harmful chemicals or gasses. Its emissions are equal to zero, you are simply beathing fresh, untampered air.
  • Your bedroom will always be quiet. Cork is an amazing sound insulator. It absorbs all potential noises from the downstairs neighbors.
  • You won’t worry if something falls from the bed or from your bedside table. Nothing will break (your phone, tablet or anything else).
  • Cork is flexible and is often used in the packaging of expansive and fragile materials and instruments.
  • Cork is beautiful!

Variety of designer colors

Fomentarino offers you a beautiful variety of designer colors, original shapes, interesting variants of cork tile veneers. Available size variations are from 100mm x 100mm to 930mm x 600mm with a thickness from 4mm to 6mm. Additionally, we offer you exclusive wall cork surfaces, made from the bark of the Sicilian oak. It is naturally beautiful, and only slightly touched by the century old experience of making cork in the Italian way.

You offer you the Muro collection:

It includes such types as:

  • Roccia;
  • Pietra;
  • Ardesia;
  • Vero;

There is no material better than cork when it comes down to a choice of floor in your bedroom. Make sure of it yourself, and you will be happy and grateful to this amazing material.

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