Cork for the Bathroom

It is commonly accepted that the traditional material for the bathroom floor is either ceramic tiles or stone (natural or artificial). There is an explanation for that, as those materials are the most tolerant to humidity and water, they are solid and thus resistant. This is their main advantage when compared to wood surfaces, however, there are also negative qualities of these materials that can be easily noticed in the bathrooms.

The first one is that ceramic tiles and stone can be very cold. Walking barefoot on these materials can be unpleasant, which leads to additional expanses to set up a heating system either with electric cables or pipes with hot water. Apart from the installation and purchase expanses, you will have to continue paying high fees for the use of gas, electricity or water which get more expensive each year!

The second flaw of such materials is that they are slippery, which of course, doesn’t bond well with the use in the bathroom. This can often be a health hazard, especially in homes with children or elderly people.

It’s no secret that ceramic tiles and natural stone are very slippery when even a little water gets on them. This many times led to various injuries for a huge number of people. Did you manage to avoid such incidents?

Please, consider having a cork floor in your bathroom!

Fomentarino has developed a special series of cork tiles for the use in bathrooms: they have a thickness of 6-10 mm and the following dimensions:

– 100mm x100mm; – 150mm x150mm; – 200mm x 200mm; – 600mm x 600mm;

Cork floor is incredibly comfortable. It is perfect for walking barefoot, it is not slippery, even when its wet. Apart from that, it is not afraid of high humidity and does not require a heating system. It is safe and practical.

You will truly appreciate cork floors underneath your feet on the floor of your bathroom, visually it is no different from ceramic tiles or natural stone, but it is pleasant to the touch, warm, not slippery and elastic.

Lastly, we have a beautiful designer collection of Fomentarino cork for walls that is great for the bathroom.

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