Cork for Sports and Leisure

We have previously examined with you. The use of cork and its superiority over other materials in the different rooms of your home. We would like to talk about cork for sport in one more case. When you are building a home gym, a small yoga or Pilates studio or to have the right floor in your home sauna. Around an indoor pool or in any of your leisure rooms.

As you already know, the glue-down floor cork is moisture resistant. This fact, along with other advantages and benefits. Of having cork in your gym or sauna such as: warmth, softness, elasticity, anti-static. And non-slippery properties makes it the best choice for your floor.

Cork granulates are used to make special devices and shapes for yoga and Pilates. These include:

  • Cork floor mats
  • Blocks and trapezoids
  • Various balls, ellipses, and rollers.

Cork for sport in the rest zone of your sauna or in the changing rooms is about the best option you can choose. This floor will create comfort for your feet and will be a real eye candy with its unmatched design.

A separate story is the use of cork to cover not only the floor, but also the walls in the billiard hall or the home cinema in your house.

What matters here is not only its unrivaled heat retention properties, but also its outstanding acoustic capabilities. After all, these are the rooms that need special soundproofing. As you know, no material can handle this better than cork.

Wall cork tiles

We offer you an exclusive designer collection of wall cork tiles: Muro Collection. It is made out of Sardinian oak with unmatched experience and quality finish. The whole collection is made out of the bark massive, that has a remarkable thickness of 12mm to 22mm! This natural thickness gives it amazing sound-proofing capabilities. In its assortment, we offer both: its natural color and a rich added color gamut.

By using the decorative wall cork of Fomentarino, you will be getting an excellent visual appearance for your favorite rooms where you can pass time with your friends and family without having to worry about making too much noise. You can simply enjoy your pool game and Fomentarino will take care of the rest

Cork is the future of décor!

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