Cork floor for gym: important things to know

The abundance of floor coverings for sports premises, at times, can lead to confusion. A large assortment of materials, on the one hand. Allows you to make the gym as comfortable as possible for training, on the other hand, it makes the selection process itself difficult.

Cork floor for gym

Sports flooring requirements.

  • The following requirements are imposed on floor coverings for gyms equipped for sports activities:
  • High shock-absorbing properties, that is, the ability to absorb impacts from vertically directed loads.
  • Elasticity. The resistance of the coating to the appearance of dents at moments of dynamic impact.
  • Wear resistance. The ability of the upper layer of the material to resist abrasion, entails increased durability.
  • Presence of anti-slip effect.
  • Environmental friendliness. The composition of the material should not include substances hazardous to human health.
  • Safety, that is, a guarantee of low injury rate.
  • Dirt-repellent, which contributes to ease of maintenance of the coating.
  • Thermal insulation. As in gyms, where most of the workouts are done on the floor. Coverings with good thermal insulation parameters must be installed.

In addition to this list, depending on the sport, other requirements may be imposed on the floor material, for example, ball rebound, sound insulation, etc.
Only in the presence of these and a number of other properties, the floor covering is considered to be of high quality and it can be used in gyms, premises with high traffic, intensity of use.
Cork flooring for the gym has become a popular trend in recent years along with other materials. What is the reason?

Cork floors for the gym.

Cork is a material that is unique by its nature, it is well tolerant of static, dynamic loads, it is distinguished by increased heat and sound insulation properties, therefore it is actively used when installing floor coverings in sports premises. Among other things, gym cork floors are characterized by excellent shock absorption, vertical, longitudinal deformation, and slip balance.
To make the material durable, a special protective coating allows. For these purposes, manufacturers use acrylic, water or alkyd based varnishes.
When choosing the type of cork floor, the choice of the method of laying it (click or glue down) is of great importance. Each of them, in addition to the technology itself, differs in the requirements for the base.
The click floor has a structure similar to that of a laminate. Includes several layers, namely agglomerate cork, HDF boards and lacquered cork. This structure provides the mounted floor covering at the same time with sufficient rigidity and durability, allowing it to serve under high loads for more than a decade. The presence of the click allows the cork floor panels to be neatly and reliably spliced together.
The cork glue down floor is made of 4-6 mm thick tiles. Their installation requires a perfectly flat base, the use of high-quality adhesives, high qualifications of the master. The glued tiles cannot be corrected, therefore careful markings should be carried out initially.
Are you renovating a sports facility? Are you looking for a floor covering that includes natural materials? Cork floors for the gym are definitely the best option.

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