Cork flooring – Reliable and Beautiful

The floor covering, which is made out of cork oak tree bark, has such important characteristics as durability and lightness. It is a fairly dense and wear-resistant material, with a high level of elasticity, allowing it to withstand various types of impact.

Cork flooring

Why choose cork flooring?

A durable and resilient material – cork. Has a soundproofing and high thermal insulation. Due to the multilayer structure, consisting of a large number of hydrophobic cells. Of the main advantages of cork flooring, it is worth highlighting the following:
– chemical inertness
– abrasion resistance
– increased durability
– resistance to insects and harmful microorganisms
– practicality in care
– relatively low cost
– uniformity of the surface
Another important positive factor of cork flooring is its high resistance to moisture. So it can be used in rooms with high humidity. This type of surface is easy to transport and does not require additional processing. Also, cork elements are easy to assemble and fit to the optimal size.

Application of cork parquet and panels

This type of coating can be used in almost any room. Especially in those where people of old age or small children live. The cork floor is quite soft and elastic. So when moving on such a surface. The load on the ankle and spine is reduced. In addition, the cork floor does not slip, which excludes the possibility of injury. Cork flooring keeps warmth very well. It is an environmentally friendly natural material that can serve for decades, keeping its original structure. And if you buy cork for the floor or walls in the form of parquet, tiles or panels, you can get an aesthetic, high-quality and safe coating. A wide selection of cork coverings allows you to choose the best option for any design solution.

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