Cork flooring – modern and practical

The use of cork for laying the floor is gaining more and more popularity. Among those wishing to improve the comfort of their apartments and rooms. We learned about the use of this natural material for the decoration of living quarters. New advantages of cork over other options continue to lead to the choice of those who prefer an environmentally solution. Warmth, comfort, silence, and durability in favor of cork flooring.

Cork flooring

Cork is a natural organic product. Which is obtained by hand from the bark of cork oak tree. The tree itself does not suffer at all when the bark is removed. It is able to generate its cover again and again, therefore. The need for cutting down trees and causing harm to nature is completely eliminated. The cork flooring itself is a unique material. That is safe for the health of even allergy sufferers. Since it does not rot and does not absorb dust or moisture.

Cork as an insulation material are due to the presence of suberin. A combined mixture of fatty acids and a complex organic alcohol. This is why the cork is impervious to moisture, noise and even gases. The obvious advantages of using this material are its lightness and cost-effectiveness since the cork flooring can be easily installed and repaired without dust and dirt with minimal financial costs.

Cork flooring

We have all been in a situation when a heavy object falls onto the floor, leaving a painful chip or dent. This does not happen with cork flooring due to its elasticity and resilience. Also, it will not allow dents or marks from the bedside table, wardrobe, bed standing on the floor – the material always returns to its original size and shape. This pleasant property of floor cork makes movement on the floor beneficial for the spine and joints, in contrast to hard surfaces.

All these and many other unique qualities of cork flooring inevitable influence the choice of more and more people to choose cork and make it a part of their home or office. The comfort, softness and beautiful visual appearance of the product is perfect to suit the rooms were you and your loved ones spend the most time.

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