Cork floor with a wooden effect – a perfect solution

It appears that you cannot easily surprise the modern consumers who have become aesthetes and connoisseurs in search of a perfect floor. However, the modern Italian manufacturers and designers working with Fomentarino have tried their best. One interesting option is cork floor with a wooden effect, which is becoming increasingly popular. This is due to various reasons: environmental friendliness, aesthetic appeal, excellent technical and operational characteristics.


Floor made of cork but with a wooden effect

It is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. Which naturally peels off once every few years. This does not harm the tree. Which was a great discovery for the producers of raw cork materials. An excellent cork floor with a wood effect is quite elastic. It is softer in comparison with parquet, laminate. It is recommended to use it where it is necessary to protect people from injuries. That is, in houses where the elderly, children, and the disabled live.

However, in any case, you will be able to enjoy the beauty, nobility. A wonderful combination of this floor with almost any stylistic concept. Wood-effect cork flooring is appropriate in classic or neoclassical, modern, high-tech, industrial, Scandinavian and many others. You just need to decide on the color scheme, take measurements correctly, install everything in accordance with the recommendations from the manufacturer (Fomentarino).

Cork floor with a special wooden effect

Cork floor with a special wooden effect. Lovers of maximum naturalness will also appreciate it. This is an environmentally friendly solution, practical, which does not produce toxic chemicals into the space. A high-quality cork floor with a wood effect will last for decades. Even if some area is damaged due to contact with piercing objects or sources of open flame, then it will not be necessary to dismantle the entire coating. Masters will be able to quickly and accurately replace the desired area, and the differences will be invisible. It is worth thinking about buying and installing a cork floor with a wood effect for zealous owners who want to save money, but buy something truly attractive and beautiful for arranging residential and non-residential spaces.

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