Cork Floor: material for the future

The interior of a house or apartment is important for every person. Furniture, walls, as well as the floor affect the perception of the room and can contribute to the feeling of comfort and mood of a person.

When choosing a floor covering, we pay attention to many factors, for example: visual appearance, hygiene, and durability. Not all materials correspond to our needs, but cork floor manages to fulfill most of them. At the moment, it is just beginning to gain popularity as more people recognize its advantages over other types of coating options.

So, what is a cork floor?

Cork flooring is a floor surface made from cork oak. Its appearance is very diverse, so everyone will find something to their liking: a natural characteristic pattern for lovers of simplicity and sustainability, a cork floor with a wood effect – the most classic option, as well as any photo printed or colored varnish coating.

For the method of installation, a distinction is made between cork floor installed with adhesive and a cork interlocking parquet. The first option is as waterproof as possible; therefore, it is suitable for rooms with high humidity: kitchens or bathrooms. The advantage of the second option is ease of installation and speed of installation.

Why is it the material for the future?

Cork tiles are completely natural. Furthermore, the collection of bark used for cork does not require the cutting of the cork oaks. Therefore, there is no deforestation taking place to produce cork. Instead, the bark is gently cut from the trees allowing them to breathe and eventually grow a new layer. The cork flooring does not only provide the aesthetics to the premises but also benefits those who live in the house or apartment. By choosing cork as your interior surface, you can feel nature without being in nature. You will be assured of the absence of harmful substances in the flooring and the air of your room.

Hygiene and moisture resistance. There are no special requirements for cleaning such a floor, and due to its composition, the cork floor will prevent dust accumulation. The floor is resistant not only to spilled water but also to flooding from your upstairs neighbor.

Cork is easy to install. Not only a master can handle the installment of cork floor, but also a beginner who chose to make it a part of their home.

Cork has high wear resistance. The cork has an amazing structure, thanks to which there will be no traces on the floor from fallen objects, rearrangement of furniture or marks made by your favorite pets.

Cork is soft and warm. The floor is very pleasant and resilient to the touch, and due to its low thermal conductivity, you do not need a heating system.   

Cork has a long service life. Thanks to its characteristics, cork floor will serve you for many years without losing any of its qualities.

Are there any downsides to cork coverings?

Of the specific disadvantages, only one can be distinguished: high price in comparison with artificial floor coverings, for example, linoleum.

In today’s world, a person has a massive amount of choice in everything, but the current priority in our society is preserving the environment and living in rhythm with nature. Therefore, a significant part of buyers choose cork flooring and, without exaggeration, fall in love with this floor option. Our team at Fomentarino can guide you to make an informed and educated choice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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