Сork surface floor Maintenance

Congratulations! You have made a right decision by covering the floor of your home with a cork surface. Now you want to know how to maintain the surface in a good condition. So that it remains looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Сork surface floor

Good news: Almost no maintenance is required! The surface is anti-static, which means that almost no dust is attracted to it. And that is most certainly true, unless of course you spilled something or walked

through with dirty shoes. Then, you will definitely need to clean it up! However, that process is also very simple: just a basic sweeping or vacuuming, to cleaning with a damp cloth, with or without a detergent.

Be careful when using concentrated chemicals. Do not spill toxic or reactive substances on the floor. Avoid alkali, alcohol, solvents, or acid. The top layer of lacquer coating may suffer from their aggressive reaction. And it may be necessary to carry out work to restore it.

What do you do if, for some reason, the cork surface is damaged?

First of all, don’t worry! Сork surface can be perfectly restored. If it is necessary to reapply the varnish, first the old layer is gently removed. Using a weak abrasive. After that the dust is removed by vacuuming and at least 3 layers of the new. Water-based varnish is applied. Leave it for 24 hours and then you can safely walk on the fresh surface.

If it is necessary to replace, broken or damages individual pieces that can also be done. Cork is a flexible material, and a professional layer can easily remove the damaged elements, clean the surface and install new ones so it looks just like before.

Cork is a natural material so you must understand that when under direct sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, it will slightly change color over time. Most likely, it will brighten. This problem also applies to other materials: parquet, vinyl, laminate, and linoleum. Perhaps only natural stone and ceramic tiles are less susceptible to discoloration under the influence of the sun.

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