Cork floor is the choice of the smartest owners

Everyone, in his life, went through an interesting stage. The stage of arrangement and repair in an apartment or in a house. And of course wondered which floor covering to choose? There are a huge number of types: laminate, linoleum, parquet, cork floor and others. Today I would like to talk about natural cork floors.

Such a coating looks very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. And although it is not as cheap as other materials, the benefits outweigh the price.

What is this anyway?

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly flooring made from cork (Quercus suber L). It should be noted that every year the number of consumers. Who prefer this kind of coverage is growing.
Cork oak grows in the Mediterranean countries. “Mature” trees are suitable for the production of cork. The raw material is harvested in the summer. Then the bark is dried for 5-6 months. Only then the wood is ready for further processing. This is done by professionals. Because the work is quite painstaking, it requires only manual labor.

Why choose a cork floor?

It is completely environmentally friendly, can be recycled at the end of its useful life. Differs in high wear resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance. Even withstands direct contact with water.

The material is versatile, there is a huge variety of colors that will perfectly fit into any interior. Moreover, it is very comfortable to walk on such a surface, and thanks to its elasticity, you will not hear the noise of steps.

Another advantage is that, unlike other materials, natural cork flooring keeps you warm.

It is believed that cork floors are beneficial for the musculoskeletal system due to their shock absorption properties.

Such a coating does not require special care, which can also be attributed to the pluses. It is enough to carry out wet cleaning, including with a washing vacuum cleaner. The only limitation is the prohibition on the use of detergents with abrasive particles, as they can scratch the surface of the floor.

Natural cork floors are a great solution that you will not regret and will serve you for many years.

In the assortment of our company you can find a wide range of cork coverings, which will be an excellent addition to any interior solutions that you want to implement in your own home.

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