Cork Floor: high quality and safe material for your home

In many houses and apartments, you can increasingly find floors covered with a new finishing material, cork tiles. The name of this innovation speaks for itself, as it is based on cork oak bark. Many people appreciated the safety and environmental friendliness of such a coating.

What is a cork for a floor made of and what is it

To make a floor cork, the bark is removed from a tree that must be at least 25 years old. The older the plant, the better the cork panel is. After the process of grinding and pressing, a base for the floor is obtained, which is additionally covered with special materials.

The quality and cost of cork floor tiles is influenced by the material from which they are made.
– solid slabs or sheets are made from oak veneer
– agglomerate crumb, pressed at high temperatures, suitable for inexpensive coatings or substrates
– veneer mixed with agglomerate is an excellent solution for original, decorative finishes.
Cork floors can have an original pattern, be painted in different colors. Any image is applied to them with the help of large-format photo printing.

Advantages and varieties of cork flooring

The bark of the most precious types of wood is used to decorate the face of the floating cork floor. Bark tiles have a rather thick layer, reaching 1 cm, are made of dense materials and are laid on the floor like a laminate. Such mounting does not require additional fixation.
The glued cork floor has a less thin coating and looks like a ceramic tile or parquet. It can be successfully laid in places with increased cross-country ability, it will last a long time without losing its original appearance.
Cork floors are fireproof and do not absorb foreign aromas, so they are successfully used in kitchens. Their surface does not abrade, does not slip, has good heat-conducting properties and is safe for laying in children’s rooms. Many have appreciated its pleasant surface, which is comfortable to walk on barefoot. The cork cover does not attract dust, absorbs sounds and is easy to clean.

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