Cork floor – from Italy with love

Floor is an essential part of any house. We expect our floors to be natural and good for the environment, have a high resistance to wear, contribute to quietness and have low heat conductivity. There are many more requirements we all expect a good floor to have, however, not all materials can achieve these qualities.
Cork floors can accomplish most of our demands and that is what makes them so attractive. They are not as common, compared to other material due to a higher price margin, however, by examining all of its advantages, you can understand why more people are leaning towards cork for their future homes.

The essence of cork floors

Cork flooring is a floor surface made from cork oak. Most of the cork oak plantations are located in Portugal, Italy and Spain. The top layer of the product is a cork coating that provides the visual appeal. It always has a unique pattern, can come with its natural color or be painted with a variety of colors. Recently, a new technique of printing on cork has become popular. The floor can be made to have an effect of natural wood, stone, have a child’s drawing, or any other pattern. The methods of cork flooring are classified into click-lock and adhesive methods.
Adhesive cork floors for are sheets with a thickness of 4 or 6 mm, made of pressed cork of high density, they are laid using special types of contact adhesives. They differ in moisture resistance. Only certain types of such cork floors can be used in rooms with high humidity.
Cork interlocking parquet is a floor covering with a cut system of locks along the perimeter of the base. It is laid like a regular click-lock laminate. Its main advantage is the ease of installation.

Advantage of cork floors

It is often the case that cork becomes the favourite floor covering of those who have already once chose it. After all, it has a lot of benefits: natural composition, hypo allergenicity, moisture resistance, the ability to “absorb” sound, long service life and a unique, exclusive appearance. The pattern of the floor is never repeated and therefore the room will always be individual.
It should also be noted that when laying a cork floor, the consumer receives a cozy and warm surface even in winter and thus, saves himself from the need for a floor heating device.


Cork floor is a warm, unique, and natural product. There are always more people who choose it for its qualities. It is worth touching it at least once to see that it is easy to love and enjoy.

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