Cork floor – environmental friendliness and durability

Cork floor is an economical material for your home that will accomplish several functional tasks at once:
1. Comfort.
2. Strength.
3. Comfort.
4. Practicality.

Cork floor

Cork parquet will fit into any interior chosen by you: kitchen, nursery, living room, etc. Provides comfort and reliability.
The cork is distinguished by its strength and elasticity. Withstands heavy furniture.
And how pleasant it is to walk barefoot on such a floor – soft and warm.
Also, you can decorate the walls of the house with cork panels. Attaching them is simple and easy, which saves you time and money.
How to choose?
When buying such a coating, we ask the question – how to choose it? So that he can serve for a long time both to us and to our children. There is a huge selection of cork floor on the market with different textures and colors, shapes and sizes. So how do you choose cork floor in such a wide range? Pay attention to the manufacturer. Portugal is considered the leader in the production of cork floor, as well as Italy and Spain. Their prices also differ. When choosing a cork cover, take a closer look at its appearance, the height and width of the platinum, texture, tactile sensations, and the color of the product.

Cork flooring

Installation of such a floor is very simple. You need to read the available instructions and that’s it! Half of the way has already been covered.

There are two types of installation: “floating” and adhesive.

An adhesive cork floor is installed on a pre-prepared flat cushion (base) – it will be a wooden or concrete floor.
The cork floating floor can be fixed like a laminate (click system) – as easy as shelling pears. Such a floor can be assembled, disassembled at any convenient time or when moving. Which one to choose is to your taste. Coverings of this kind are made in different shapes, colors, with different ornaments and patterns.
The pricing policy is very different – from the cheapest to the most exclusive items, which will satisfy the needs of any buyer.
Cork floor, cork tiles – it will look expensive and fashionable, and will not empty your wallet! Durable and modern material will be an integral part of your home, which will serve you for decades.

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