Cork floor and its application

It is not often possible to find cork floors in an apartment or any other room. The fact is that not everyone knows the benefits of this material. Some have not come across this type of flooring at all. After all, not every store sells cork flooring. The cork floor is made from the bark of cork oak, which grows in Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Cork is a unique natural material with exceptional characteristics, the best natural heat and sound insulator, completely anti-static, anti-allergic, anti-slip and moisture resistant.
But knowledgeable people who are planning renovations in their living space understand what they are paying for very well. Cork parquet means wear resistance, durability, environmental friendliness, sound absorption, water resistance and, of course, style in an interior solution.

Cork floor

Types of cork oak floors

There are two types of cork flooring according to the type of installation:

Adhesive: a floor that is glued onto a flat prepared surface;
* floating * cork floor: cork panels are laid by analogy with a laminate and are attached to each other with special locks.

By manufacturing, the following types are distinguished:
– The target veneer is the most expensive type. Obtained from solid pieces of cork oak bark. They are selected by color by hand, which requires more labor.
– Roll coating – finely pressed cork chips. Which are more often used in the form of substrates.
– Glutinous tiles are cork tiles that are 4-6 mm thick and made of compressed agglomerated cork.


When operating a cork floor, a big advantage is often impact resistance and elasticity. If you are moving any heavy object that has been in the same place for a long time. You may potentially see the straightening of the dents from the furniture legs. By dropping the hammer to the floor. You will not see any dents or chips. As can happen with laminate or linoleum or wood flooring.
Cork flooring is the covering for the future. And can already be seen more often than in that past. After all, more and more people take on the vision of sustainability.

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