Cork Floor: an advanced solution for your interior

To create a stable feeling of warmth and comfort in the home, people use an environmentally friendly and durable cork floor. Resilient and porous flooring has a number of positive qualities that can make your home more comfortable and warm.

Cork floor in the interior of apartments and houses

As an excellent surface tool, cork has been used for a long time, and various modifications of this material are produced so that owners of apartments and houses can realize their design ideas. The main indicators possessed by a cork for a floor can are the following:

  • soundproofing
  • thermal insulation
  • resistance to household chemicals
  • beautiful natural shades
  • original texture
  • ease of processing and installation.

The original appearance and resistance to various influences make it possible to use cork in the kitchen or in other rooms where moisture or chemicals may be present. Also, a cork floor is actively used for children’s rooms and bedrooms, because this material is environmentally safe, not traumatic and retains heat.

Varieties of cork for the floor

Thanks to modern technology, it has become possible to choose cork coverings with different textures, colors and shades. You can choose options for cork parquet, tiles, panels with different parameters and shades, so that the material fits optimally into the interior of the room. There are printed floors based on cork, as well as floor coverings with original ornaments imitating exotic woods, stone or ceramic tiles.

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