Cork floor – a modern and environmentally friendly type of flooring

Laying the floor is one of the most important and responsible work, on which not only the aesthetics and beauty of your home will depend, but also the warmth in the house and environmental cleanliness and fire safety. The construction market currently offers a huge amount of material for every taste and preference, including the so-called cork floor. This kind of material is made of natural balsa wood, it has light weight, beautiful external structure, and excellent environmental friendliness.

What are the types of cork floor?

There are several different options for cork flooring:
Click-lock, or in other words, floating cork floor. Panels made in the form of a laminate in their structure have several layers. Usually, it is a basic HDF or MDF base, underneath which a layer of technical cork is placed. Plus, outer coating with a valuable layer of cork, covered with a clear or colored water-based varnish.
A glue floor made of cork is practically the same type as a castle floor, but it has a more stable resistance to moisture, since its joints are carefully glued. Therefore, this type of floor is often equipped in the bathroom.
Technical floor cork is produced by hot pressing cork chips and is used as a natural underlay for other floor coverings. It is also an excellent material for soundproofing and wall insulation.
Cork for floors is a modern and unique material, which is an excellent protection of floors and walls from the cold, penetration of harsh and unpleasant sounds into the home. Beautiful and durable, it will harmoniously fit into any interior.

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