Cork board: what it is and its benefits

Natural materials in home spaces cannot be called one of the current fashion trends. Those who live in large metropolitan areas experience a serious lack of contact with nature. Therefore they choose environmentally friendly materials for repair or construction.

Cork board:

In fact, there are many benefits to using natural materials. Wood is one of these materials as it gives the living space a special warmth and comfort. Also charges it with its unique energy. Wood is used absolutely everywhere.

If you want to install a new floor in your home but don’t want to use something artificial. You should look at materials like cork.

Cork board characteristics

Many people associate cork as a material only with bottle corks. Only a very few people know that there is also a cork board. Bottle cork and cork board are not the same material. Although they use the same raw material is a cork. Oak bark is used to make cork boards. It is a very durable material that is lightweight at the same time and consists of a lower agglomerate. Fiberboard and lacquered coating.

Cork boards are characterized by wear resistance. Low thermal conductivity and a fairly high level of noise absorption. They are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and children’s areas. Where children play and people go barefoot.


Cork boards are also called click cork boards, since they have certain click for fastening together. There is no need to use glue to install this material, which saves money.

Each person can do the installation without any outside help, with their own hands, and do not have to hire expensive specialists. When choosing a material, you should give preference to proven trademarks. This guarantees the purchase of a quality floor covering that will last for many years.

The advantages of a cork board include:

  • fast and clean installation – practically no dirt and debris remains when laying the material;
  • the ability to resist moisture, retain heat;
  • it can be laid under heavy furniture as the board will not change its appearance;
  • environmental friendliness because of the absence of any harmful odors and impurities;
  • mobility as if necessary, the cork covering can be easily removed and replaced with another floor covering.

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