Cork as the best natural insulation

One of the most unique properties of cork is, without a doubt, it’s extremely low thermal conductivity. Together with an unmatched ecological benefit, this quality gives us a reason to conclude that there is no better material to use for the insulation of your home or office.

Thermal conductivity of cork technical insulation board is 0.037 Watt / (mxC);

– Wood – 0.18 Watt / (mxC);

– Glued plywood – 0.12 … 0.18 (Watt / mxC);

– Gypsum plaster – 0.3 (Watt / mxC);

– Polyuretan 0.32 (Watt / mxC);

– Linoleum – 0.33 (Watt / mxC);

– Ceramica – 1.5 (Watt / mxC);

– Marble – 2.9 (Watt / mxC);

This comparative table speaks both of the huge advantage of cork over other traditional materials used for home insulation, as well as for its use as a covering for floor and wall surfaces.

Cork is especially amazing for children’s rooms, bathrooms, restrooms and of course bedrooms. Insulating cork mats and rolls will not only perfectly deal with the main task – insulating the room, but also will be a lightweight, easy to attach and perfectly soundproof solution for any interior. When your house has cork floors, there is never a need for slippers. You will get an instant feeling of pleasure, walking around barefoot, and not just in the summer but in any of the seasons. This plays a big role for European citizens, as energy and heating costs continue to grow every year.

Cork floor is a great investment not only in the healthy indoor microclimate of your home but also in the family budget. Ofcource, you have a choice to purchase alternative insulation surfaces made of synthetic and semi-synthetic materials that are offered on the market such as:

– Fiberglass board, the so-called mineral wool.

– Foam, polyurethane and their various modifications.

But none of these materials will pass a sustainability or have an overall positive environmental impact. Cork is simply different: you trust it and what it brings and you are sure that you are breathing cleaner air in your home!

We remind you that our cork is covered with an environmentally friendly water-based varnish, odorless with no harmful emissions into your living or working space.

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