Cork tiles and its place in technology

As we know, cork tiles and humankind have been walking side by side for several millennia. Capping of the vessels, shoe soles, floats on the fishing nets and surfboards… When did we start to use cork more broadly? This happened after the invention of cork agglomerate. A mixture of cork granules of various sizes with a binder. And an addition of rubber. The agglomerate appeared in 1903 and immediately found application in drive belts of mechanisms, tires, and engine gaskets.

cork tiles

cork tiles started to be used for decorative purposes around the year 1950. When an American company produced the first cork tiles, which were covered in vinyl.

For decorative purposes, cork began to be used after the release in 1950. By an American company of cork tiles, which were covered with vinyl. Although cork has been around for over 70 years. Its full potential has yet to be uncovered. After all, this material has a lot of unique advantages over other indoor decorative materials.

Сork benefits

Firstly, it is the warmest natural material. It has the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient of all known materials used as indoor surface.

Secondly, it is the worst conductor of electricity of all known natural decorative coatings. This means that cork does not electrify and does not accumulate dust. This is an invaluable quality for your home, where cork can be installed.

Thirdly, it is the safest product in terms of emissions, i.e. release of gases into space. It is practically zero, which cannot be said about laminate, vinyl, linoleum, or carpet.

In the modern world, with its level of development and technology, cork as found a place in many valuable market sectors. Did you know that cork granules and mats are used in space and under water?

Yes, you understood correctly: American shuttle spacecraft uses special cork oak structures to achieve thermal insulation inside the craft. The temperature drops are colossal during ascent and landing, and when in space, the temperature is very low.

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