Cork – a modern flooring option

Despite the wide variety of flooring options for interior design. Cork flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option. It meets operational, hygienic, ergonomic, and aesthetic standards and provides designers. With ample room for creative solutions. This is the perfect choice so as not to skimp on quality. But also not to overpay for luxury.


Ways of obtaining, methods of stacking, advantages

The derived material of this flooring is granulated cork. Obtained from the extraordinarily strong bark of cork oak. The bark removal procedure takes place from growing trees, aged from 15 to 25 years. This process is repeated after 9-12 years. The bark is subjected to crushing and further pressing under high pressure. The trees are not cut during this process. Therefore this process does not harm the natural bio-fauna of the land.

*Floating* floor

The flooring can be installed in two ways: *Floating* floor – a modern floor covering that is a rectangular or square panel made of pressed granules. In the middle of the structure there are incredibly strong HDF or MDF boards. For the front side, a cork is used, on which leather, valuable species of wood, photo print – paint with photo printing are applied. Separate slabs are connected by a lock laying method, like a puzzle. Cork floors for gluing are tiles with a decorative protective coating, panels with a protective coating, which are laid on a carefully leveled base using the glue shrink technology.
In terms of its performance characteristics, a floor is superior to linoleum and laminate, and in comparison, with a flooring made of natural wooden boards, its price is much lower. Other benefits:
– ecological cleanliness.
– the warranty period from the manufacturer is 10 years, but with correct operation, the service life reaches 20 years or more.
– excellent soundproofing characteristics.
– It is not slippery and repels dust;
– optimal to the touch.
– not exposed to mold and mildew, easy to clean.
It is pleasant to walk barefoot on tiles. By choosing such a coating, you can qualitatively equip the floor in a residential or public space and fit it to any style of interior.

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