Convenient and practical floating cork floor

Many people have heard of cork or a special kind of oak. But not everyone knows that this is essentially a unique building, finishing material. In addition, you do not have to destroy the entire tree. Because its properties are such that it regularly renews the bark and grows it back. It takes years for the oak to regenerate its bark. So the harvest has to respect the rhythm of nature.


Why floating cork floor is pricy

The cork is processed, crushed into pieces of approximately the same size. They are glued together, firmly attached, strengthened with varnish, wax. The material is pressed down into a square shape. That can later be cut into different shapes. The result is an elastic, tactile and smooth surface. This floating cork floor will delight both children and adults.

It is not called “floating” by accident. It creates a special feeling of softness, as if drowning a little under your feet. Of course, this does not interfere in the least with moving freely, playing sports, that is, leading a full-fledged active life. And also, it is cork that is ideal for young children who often fall, and it is important for them to come into contact with a soft, elastic surface.

Various designs of cork floors

Designers do everything so that the floating cork floor looks like a real work of interior art. To do this, the wood is dyed, made very rich, dark, or lightened. In the catalog of products from leading manufacturers, you can see various colors and shades: light, caramel, amber, brown or almost black, gray. Each option is beautiful in its own way.

Of course, a floating cork floor is also beneficial for printing, creating ornate patterns. That is why it will become the dignity of the interior, create a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Plus, floating cork floors are a good investment in your comfort. It is a relatively thin but dense and durable floor covering. It is not afraid of contact with the claws of animals and the heels of shoes, with the legs of furniture. And also, the floor is not afraid of exposure to moisture, prolonged exposure to the sun. The paint does not fade, the surface remains as smooth as possible, matte or slightly shiny.

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