Colored cork panels – sustainability and aesthetics

If you want to give new life into the interior, emphasize its environmental friendliness, naturalness. Then it’s time to think about introducing panels from cork. That is, from the bark of cork oak. It grows mainly in Portugal, Spain, some other southern regions of Europe. In the Mediterranean region and in African countries. Fomentarino cork is also harvested in the south of Italy. In the most beautiful and environmentally preserved areas of Sicily.

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Oak growing areas are estimated at millions of hectares. Which means that producers have ample opportunities to create excellent finishing materials. Harvesting the bark of the cork oak does not affect the tree itself at all. Since the bark naturally flakes off. And the tree itself is soon overgrown with a new one. This is a truly unique variety that nature gave to mankind.

Cork colored panels and their features

As the name implies, manufacturers paint them in different colors. Naturalness is still in favor: shades of brown, gray, rich dark, almost black or bleached counterparts. Everything looks impressive, attractive. If you need to choose colored cork panels, you will be able to get acquainted with a detailed description in the catalogs. In particular, information about the manufacturer, size, thickness, number of panels, sheets in a package, type of coating, method of installation are indicated. And also, it will be possible to learn about the specifics of surfaces, about the drawing, protective treatment, the presence or absence of a chamfer.

Cork colored panels for eco-lovers

Sustainable production is one of the main factors that makes this finishing material so popular. A protective treatment with a special wax is mandatory, and polishing is also carried out. Colored cork panels come in many sizes and typically range in thickness from 2 to 8 mm. This will be enough to process large areas: walls, floors, even ceilings.

Colored cork panels are also used as interesting design elements, since they create nice panels and other elements from them. Due to additional processing, protective coating, moisture resistance, fire safety, these panels can be installed in any premises: residential as well as non-residential.

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