Choosing a cork coverings for walls and floor

So, you have decided to make cork coverings a part of your interior. You made a decision in favor of a cork surface floor, cork surface walls, or thought to insulate the house with cork materials.

Now is the time to choose the type of cork coverings. How to do it? What should you pay attention to? Let’s start with insulation.

cork coverings

If your task is to insulate a house or an apartment. Be sure to use cork coverings. This material is natural and completely effective. There is no better solution for this particular objective.

So, you can insulate your ceiling. Walls and floor with cork granules, which are poured into the spaces between the walls or floors after which. The decorative surfaces are played on the top layer.

As for cork surface panels and rolls, the solution is even easier: They are simply attached using the eco-glue or with a self-tapping screw with a wide head. It is necessary to correctly calculate the right thickness of the cork surface. Such materials can come in a wide range from 2mm to 100mm thickness.

Cork types

Next, we can move on to choosing cork coverings for the floor. As you already know, there are two main types:

  • “Floating floor” installed using a special “click-lock” system without the use of glue. It has a thickness from 8mm to 12mm. And is laid on the cork underlay with a thickness of 2mm to 4mm.
  • “Glue-down cork tiles” are installed by gluing the pieces to the surfaces and covering. Them with an additional layer of varnish (after installment) to make the floor waterproof.

As for the choice of cork coverings for walls. It all varies based on your personal taste, preference and financial capabilities. The most affordable cork tiles come in the sizes of 600mm to 300mm and a width of 3mm. There are also attached using contact adhesive and have a great variety of color variations.

There are of course, more expansive designer variants, for example wall blocks and panels, made with the method of pressing together cork granules.

We offer you exclusive cork wall surfaces, form the bark of the cork oak with the thickness of 12mm to 22mm. As always, there is a rich variety of colors to choose from.

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