Bio-coatings for the aesthetics of space

The term “bio-coating” appeared quite unexpectedly, but caught on almost immediately. Although it cannot be said that people put the same values ​​​​in it. Someone believes that this means maximum naturalness, environmental friendliness. Others see in it the aesthetics of appearance, hypoallergenicity, chemical neutrality.


What are the features of bio-coating

There are many features. But the main thing is that this is a truly eco-friendly natural solution. They place bio-coatings in rooms where there are very sensitive people, allergy sufferers. Cork process bedrooms, children’s rooms, hallways and kitchens, offices, even loggias and balconies.

They are based on natural inclusions, for example, processed cork bark. Its peculiarity is that it releases resin. Which makes it possible to largely replace the glue. Today, bio-coatings are often the only worthy alternative, because too many people are in contact with artificial compounds that exude third-party odors. We have to deal with paints and varnishes, which also makes a negative contribution. That is why coatings of this type are not at all a luxury, but an urgent need.

Coverings of the “bio” category for residential and non-residential spaces

Such coatings are not erased, they are resistant to the action of animal claws or shoe heels, they also tolerate pressure from furniture legs. As a rule, bio-surfaces are elastic, they are not as hard as traditional parquet and some other analogues. This is also achieved through processing features. Uniform density is ensured, their surface is very smooth, they add shine by applying varnish. But in any case, environmental friendliness is observed, modern processing technologies are involved.

As a result, aesthetically attractive bio-coatings are obtained, which can be applied even with complex patterns or imitate natural stone texture. In fact, the imaginations of designers are practically unlimited, and they are guided by fashionable modern trends. The catalogs present a wide variety that will take root in salons and boutiques, dance studios and, of course, in apartments and houses.

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