Bio-coatings as the interior of the room

Today, environmentally friendly, natural finishing and building materials are a real trend. That has not lost its relevance for decades. It also manifests itself in European countries. Where the highest consumer demands are traditionally based on the provided quality of such materials. Many people are interested in bio-coatings, which bring a favorable microclimate to the room. And yet, they should look aesthetically pleasing, cost within reasonable limits.

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What you need to know about the specifics of bio-coatings

They are created from different materials. Fortunately, the choice given by nature is really huge. For example, cork is often used, that is, the bark of cork oak. The collection of which will not damage the tree itself. It sheds it once every few years and recovers, which is considered a natural process. Of course, bio-coatings are not only cork. But also other useful materials, for example, natural wood of other varieties and so on.

The coatings have optimal thermal insulation performance. They absorb noise well, and are resistant to abrasion. Manufacturers often additionally process them with oil, wax or PU varnish. Which protects against microcracks and scratches. That is why such a choice will be as practical as possible. Ideal for houses, apartments, offices and other spaces.

A wide variety of coatings classified as “bio”

If you look into the catalog, you can see that the properties of these natural materials are well studied and tested in practice. For example, abrasion resistance, compression density, tensile strength, moisture resistance, vapor permeability, and dozens of other parameters. Before entering the market, any bio-coatings undergo a full-fledged study to ensure their safety and practicality.

And yet, they must be hypoallergenic, that is, chemically neutral with respect to organic and inorganic compounds. Often, they are installed in children’s rooms or bedrooms, even in bathrooms, in kitchens, that is, in rooms where temperature and humidity fluctuations take place. If you handle bio-coatings in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, then their service life will be calculated not in years but in decades.

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