Beautifully colored cork panels in home interiors

Many designers and simply diligent owners are wondering what kind of finishing material to choose. Emphasize the environmental friendliness of the space, its aesthetic appeal, and ensure practicality. Colored cork panels are highly valued, which decorate not only residential premises. Often they can be found on balconies, loggias, playrooms and many other spaces.


Colored cork panels, their features

They come in natural colors or brighter ones. If you place them, in the bedroom, then there will be a blissful feeling of privacy. And yet, users note that such material practically does not emit squeaks. Panels are so often found where it is important to emphasize peace and comfort. Often you can find them in the living room, which gives a special nobility. Emphasizes the impeccable sense of taste of the owners. The advantage is that the cork panels look organic, but at the same time they do not draw attention to themselves, that is, they do not distract from the sophistication of the interior.

Cork panels in different colors

Producers process cork oak bark. It stops naturally in accordance with the natural cycle. So the life of the tree will not be cut. Aesthetically attractive colored panels also look good in the photo. Nobly shimmering in natural and artificial light.

Of course, they are additionally treated with protective compounds in order to improve the technical and operational properties. As a rule, masters apply varnish in several thin layers, use special oils, resins and even special wax. But the specificity is such that this wood already contains a large amount of resins, so an impressive amount of glue is not required to create high-quality and economical panels. It is worth paying attention to this finishing material to all connoisseurs of beauty and people who want to live in harmony with the environment.

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