Beautiful cork flooring for residential and commercial interiors

Cork flooring has become a practical alternative to laminate and PVC flooring. This decorative material is made from pressed and pre-crushed cork oak bark. The material adheres to environmentally friendly and safe category of products. It has a multilayer structure with various options for its front surface appearance:
– Natural cork veneer
– Cork veneer painted in various, natural colors
– Cork with image application by means of pressings and/or printer
Finished cork tiles or cork parquet have excellent qualities of heat and sound insulation. They can either be fit like puzzles or using an adhesive and typically serve its owners from for well over 10 years.

Features and characteristics of cork floors

If you are looking for a floor that is warm and pleasant to the touch, on which you can walk barefoot even in winter, then choose cork parquet. The material is in the form of tiles or lamellas, consisting of a double layer: pressed cork chips and a special layer of cork veneer. Each element is additionally coated with an ecological water-based varnish. The result is a cork floor with a wide range of colors, designs and textures.
Such a floor surface has the following dimensions:
– up to 10mm in thickness
– up to 60cm in width
– up to 90cm in lengt

How does a floating cork floor differ from an adhesive floor?

“Floating” floors are made of interlocking tiles. They are laid according to the principle of puzzles and do not have a rigid fixture to the base. The lamellas themselves with a lock connection are up to 12 mm thick. Their length is up to 1 m, which makes cork parquet look like a laminate.
The cork floor installed using the adhesive method does not move, it is rigidly fixed to the base. At the same time, it is 2 times thinner than the lock (up to 6 mm), which is an important detail. It is available in slabs up to 600×900 mm in width and length, respectively. It can have a single or multi-layer varnish coating but can also be sold without a finish (you need to varnish it yourself).

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