Beautiful and reliable stopper for walls

The walls, as well as the floor, deserve proper treatment. It is necessary to choose the optimal finishing, decoration. To emphasize the environmental friendliness of the solutions implemented in life. That is why the Italian wall cork, which performs decorative interior will be very useful. It is often found in hospitality establishments, bars, restaurants and, of course, in residential premises. Moreover, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathrooms.

Italian wall cork

Features of Italian wall cork for wall decoration

This is a completely natural material, based on a special kind of oak bark. It is a cork oak variety native to the Mediterranean, Southern Europe. It recovers and sheds the bark naturally. That is why enterprising Europeans paid attention to it. In addition, wall cork as a finishing material is good. Because it contains useful substances that improve the quality of indoor air.

It contains lingin, tannins, ceroids, even polysaccharides, thanks to which the structure becomes strong. These and other inclusions neutralize pathogenic microorganisms in the air. The cork tree has an amazing ability to level the volume of harmful toxic inclusions, therefore it is recommended as a building, finishing material for houses, apartments, sanatoriums, and other spaces.

Advantages of purchasing Italian wall cork.

It is a profitable investment in health, space aesthetics, and comfort. And also, Italian wall cork opens up ample opportunities in terms of implementing design solutions. It can be saturated or lighter, it acts as a background for bright tones and shades. It is treated with varnish, special oil or wax. Therefore, the wall cork looks noble, it effectively reflects artificial and natural light, adjusting to the level of lighting in the room. It is pleasant to touch it, and lastly, it is incredibly smooth.

Cork will make a harmonious tandem with any style, from the neoclassicism beloved by Europeans and ending with modern trends like loft, hi-tech, modern. Entrepreneurs who want to add wall cork as product in their store also pay attention to it, since there is always a demand for it. Cork is appreciated most in countries like Sweden and Norway were people value warm surfaces that are aesthetically beautiful.

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