Beautiful and practical cork tiles

The cork opens up a wide scope for imaginative design. Perfect coverings for floors, walls, ceilings are made of it. Several manufacturers create various panels, elegant interior elements from it. Cork tiles in the form of honeycombs. That is, in the form of hexagons, are also valued. These hexagons are easy to place on the walls. To process other parts of the space with them.


Cork tiles – a sustainable solution

The material has a lot of advantages. It is completely natural, moderately porous. This creates an optimal microclimate in the room. And also, cork tiles are absolutely not subject to decay, moss, mold, and other pathogenic microflora. Which are well known to residents of many apartments and houses. Cork prevents mold from forming and keeps the house safe .

It is a pliable material with an elastic structure, from which designers form stripes, square. And essentially can create any shape. Craftsmen lay the tiles diagonally or vertically using straight laying method. Beforehand, you just need to prepare the surface, make it stable, even, clean. Then the specialists use the glue base, the result is a neat wall, ceiling, etc.

Quality cork tiles in different colors

Since the structure is porous and elastic, it is easy to process. It can be painted over in one color, which will fit well, evenly distributed throughout the structure. It will not be difficult to apply patterns, prints, process in several shades. Aesthetically pleasing cork tiles are often found in residential, non-residential areas. Including where it is required to emphasize a special atmosphere of comfort, to create an excellent entourage. For example, cork elements are often placed as panels and other interior decorations in cafes and restaurants. They can also be used in bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Cork is completely compatible with humidity or water droplets, that is why it is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Practical cork tiles are not afraid of changes in temperature, humidity, and therefore are considered an excellent finishing material. This is a competent design decision and a good investment in creating an optimal microclimate and a healthy atmosphere in the apartment.

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