Beautiful and durable gray cork floors

Modern interior aesthetes and zealous owners have plenty to choose from building and finishing materials. Gray cork floors are very relevant, which are considered environmentally friendly solutions. The basis is wood. It is crushed, pressed, colored. It is covered with varnish, protective compounds.

cork floors

Why are gray cork floors valued?

It is a versatile, practical coating ideal for bedrooms, workrooms, children’s rooms. Often there are gray cork floors in fitness rooms, sports studios. And all due to the fact that they demonstrate good performance in relation to resistance to intense mechanical stress, friction.

The bark of a cork tree is taken as a basis; this is a truly unique type of wood. The tree often changes its bark at intervals of several years, so you can use some of the wood to create a floor covering. This was especially appreciated by Europeans, who are sensitive to environmental protection. It will be possible to remove the bark without harming the tree, so you should pay attention to such offers from manufacturers. But gray cork floors have to meet numerous standards. Plus, there are high requirements for glue, varnish coating, painting. They also need to be environmentally friendly, like the cork itself.

Beautiful gray shade of cork floors.

There are other shades as well, such as brown, almost black or light. Gray also looks aesthetically pleasing, noble. Reliable, durable gray cork floors have a good effect on the indoor climate. They create a feeling of warmth, it is pleasant to walk on them barefoot. That is why floors are placed even in children’s rooms. A beautiful gray cork can be slightly darker or lighter, with a silvery tint. Sometimes a print in the form of geometric shapes is applied to it.

The floors will exhibit excellent sound insulation properties. They are soft, elastic. Sometimes they are called “floating” because they are really soft, pleasant to the tactile sensations.

High-quality floors made of gray cork will organically fit into the interior, form an organic tandem with any stylistic concept, be it classic, country style, modern, and many others. The surface is resistant to pollution, it does not absorb moisture, does not allow pathogenic microflora to multiply. Thus, mold and mildew will not appear on the floor made of cork in the house. The gray color looks really noble, it adds rainbow shades to the interior. The service life of a cork floor is 10-20 years, requiring little maintenance. Yes, it is necessary to avoid direct contact with piercing and cutting objects, sources of open fire, but such requirements are relevant for any floor, and cork is no exception.

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