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Indoor natural flooring is a must

Today no one will be surprised by the requests of prudent owners regarding construction and finishing materials, which are characterized by maximum naturalness. It includes not only the use of natural materials, but also their appropriate processing: drying, grinding, painting, impregnation with protective...

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Bio-coatings as the interior of the room

Today, environmentally friendly, natural finishing and building materials are a real trend that has not lost its relevance for decades. It also manifests itself in European countries, where the highest consumer demands are traditionally based on the provided quality of such materials. Many people are...

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Colored cork panels – sustainability and aesthetics

If you want to give new life into the interior, emphasize its environmental friendliness, naturalness, then it’s time to think about introducing panels from cork, that is, from the bark of cork oak. It grows mainly in Portugal, Spain, some other southern regions of Europe, in the Mediterranean...

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Convenient cork panels for home improvement

Many people have noticed the cute panels made from cork. This material is so popular that it is found as decoration or decorative elements in bars and restaurants, hotels, salons, houses and apartments. Cork panels, interesting from the point of view of external design, are, moreover, a practical solution,...

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Beautiful and reliable stopper for walls

The walls, as well as the floor, deserve proper treatment. It is necessary to choose the optimal finishing, decoration, to emphasize the environmental friendliness of the solutions implemented in life. That is why the cork for the walls, which performs decorative, interior, finishing functions, will...

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What is a cork panel, its properties

A variety of finishing and building materials allow you to process not only the floor, but also walls, ceilings, and create decorative interior elements. Having a cork panel is also relevant as it is used most often for preparing laying on walls. It is durable and prone to self-healing after strong...

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Cork parquet for the environment of your space

There are different types of parquet, which are created from different types of wood, including exotic or expensive types like mahogany. There are often considered to be a luxury, however, these days, cork allows everyone to achieve an elite look without having to overspend. But there are also more...

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European cork floor tiles

The choice of finishing materials today is so great that it can satisfy even the most demanding requirements. A worthy place among other analogs is occupied by cork, which is created from the bark of a Sicilian oak bark. A special variety of oak is involved, which periodically sheds the old bark, overgrowing...

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