Aesthetic and high-quality natural cork floor tiles

Natural cork floor tiles, which are well known in almost all countries of the world, are valued. Many people wonder what the ideal floor should be. Often on specialized forums and websites you can see the leaders of the rating, which is built on the basis of recommendations. They appreciate its environmental friendliness, reasonable cost.


Floor tiles made from natural cork

Cork is truly a fertile material. It is no secret that not only finishing materials are made from it. But even the soles for shoes, decorative elements, walls are also processed with it. Natural cork floor are valued in residential buildings, hospitality and catering establishments, in sports studios, salons. This allows you to achieve several goals at the same time: choose a floor covering that is resistant to abrasion, give a special ambience to the room, emphasize environmental friendliness and save yourself from unnecessary trouble for subsequent maintenance.

It is known that cork resists the reproduction of pathogenic microflora. It is not uncommon to see microscopic particles of mold, fungus, or even moss in people’s homes, which are rapidly spreading over surfaces. This is affected by changes in humidity and low-quality finishing materials, violation of the conditions of installation, subsequent operation.

Quality natural cork for floor tiles

Natural cork is deprived of all the above disadvantages. In addition, its protective properties are enhanced by the use of paint coatings. Mandatory certification, which implies compliance with high environmental standards. Accompanying documents for each batch of goods must be available. Which is also required in order to eliminate the risk of acquiring fakes. In this case, natural cork floor tiles will last for years and even decades.

If over time the lacquer coating fades or becomes thinner due to strong mechanical stress, then it will not be necessary to completely dismantle the floor tiles. It will be possible to easily restore the original shine. And the cork itself will not become thinner. It can be used in the kitchen, loggias and balconies, in the hall, children’s rooms. It is for its versatility that natural cork is valued. Which is created by European manufacturers.

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