Aesthetic and high-quality Italian cork floor

For several decades, the popularity of Italian cork floor has not lost ground, which is understandable. If you examine its structure under a microscope. It becomes clear that it looks like a honeycomb. It has rather large empty voids, which is why it is light. However, cellulose fibers and other inclusions make it resistant to mechanical stress and vibration.

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The Italian cork floor is very much appreciated. Which some aesthetes call a real work of design art. It can be found in apartments, houses, apartments, salons, boutiques.

Why Italian cork flooring is valued

This is an environmentally friendly solution, a practical production format. As you know, cork oak grows in southern Europe, including Italy, Portugal, Spain. It is believed to be the brainchild of the Mediterranean. Although the same varieties can be found in some regions of Africa. Today, there are quite large areas with cork oak. Which, moreover, regularly sheds and renews its bark. Thus, it can be collected without compromising the ecology of the surrounding area. It is from it that the Italian cork floor is created, painting it in different tones and shades, creating the appropriate texture, giving the necessary shape.

Excellent Italian cork floors

This is a quality that other European countries are equal to. The composition of the materials contains lingin, it is he who gives the wood elasticity, strength, moderate elasticity. And yet, there is suberin, moreover, in rather large volumes. It makes wood impervious to prolonged contact with moisture, resistant to the formation of moss, mold, and fungi. There are many other useful inclusions, organic acids, that have a beneficial effect on the microclimate. Therefore, an Italian cork floor is a smart solution.

You can even call it a profitable investment in your own comfort and health. Sometimes people choose cork flooring to add value to the property and prepare it for sale. It is known that European buyers are more willing to purchase sustainable residential properties processed with natural materials. Italian cork flooring is a great solution for organizing space correctly.

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