Advantages of a cork floor

Cork floors have appeared relatively recently, but have already won many admirers, especially among the supporters of an ecological approach to renovation. But there is still not enough information about such coverage for such a product to really become widespread.

Cork floor tiles

For the manufacture of floor panels, the same cork as the cork used for whine bottles is used. This is the most natural product – the wood of the Mediterranean cork oak. Large areas are occupied for its cultivation in Portugal and Italy, and the demand for this product is constantly growing. And even if not whole layers, but crumbs go to the cork tile, the product remains natural and of high quality.

Cork floor – benefits

Why should you choose such a floor covering in your apartment?
– It has excellent thermal insulation properties; it is very pleasant to walk on it
– It absorbs noise well, especially if the coating thickness is at least 3 mm
– It is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic, even when it comes to cork veneer.
– It is an elastic and flexible covering, which is good for spine and body to walk on, which is confirmed researchers.
– It tolerates heavy furniture weight loads quite steadily, having the ability to restore its original shape after the furniture piece is moved.
– It has a quite high moisture resistance and resistance to chemical detergents.
The positive qualities of a cork floor are enough to take into account such a flooring as an alternative to more traditional parquet or laminate.

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