A black cork floor is a classic solution

Cork floor is a classic solution Cork oak grows in Portugal. Where a favorable climate has been created for its intensive growth. It is allowed to carefully remove the bark once every few years. Since it grows again. Due to various external conditions. For example, humidity and sun, it will be possible to choose different colors and shades. Which is also possible due to additional coloring directly in production.


Excellent black cork floor.

Dark tones, shades are considered timeless classics. Which are combined with baroque, country, modern, hi-tech and dozens of others. This is why black cork flooring is the perfect solution for residential and non-residential spaces. Black is a universal shade, it looks noble. But does not draw all the attention to itself. Its surface is smooth or matt, reflecting light. The top layer is cork veneer. It is the top layer that is the most beautiful, valuable. Which can be treated with varnish, wax or oil. The thickness of such a floor varies, but uniform density over the entire area and uniformity of color are required.

Noble cork floor with black shades.

You can choose any overflows and evaluate modern technologies. The cork is crushed to the required parameters, pressed, glued, protective compounds or varnish are added. Yes, the production is quite complicated, since it is necessary to comply with numerous environmental safety standards, sanitary and hygienic norms. As a result, the cork floor will not be a cheap finishing material, but it is valuable for its environmental friendliness, naturalness, beauty of black color, accuracy of processing.

The zealous owners will be pleasantly surprised by the indicators of thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance. Yes, it is necessary to protect the cork from the point impact of sharp objects so that depressions and pits do not form on the surface, but the requirements are not much more complicated than, for example, the requirements regarding the quality of parquet and laminate. People will appreciate the optimal softness, elasticity, because the cork itself is not rigid, but, on the contrary, is very pliable. It is an excellent finishing material that will delight the owners of houses, apartments, as well as non-residential properties.

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